Co-directors, Takuya Dairiki and Takashi Miura, were born in 1980 in Osaka, Japan.
They have been friends since childhood and started making films together for fun,
doing everything by themselves – directing,script writing, photography, acting, editing, and art work.
They are also active in other fields of arts.
Dairiki is a woodcut printing artist, winner of the Takei Takeo Japanese Children’s Book Illustrator Encouraging Prize 2006 and
the Munakata Shiko Woodblock-Printing Special Prize at Aomori International Triennale 2007.
Miura is a photographer and winner of the Esquire Digital Photography Prize 2006 – Yanagi Miwa Jury Prize.


2016, 72 minutes, fiction, col, DV
2018 ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL (USA) – Tíos Award for Best International Film


Fine as usual
2015, 116 minutes, fiction, col, DV


Road Movie
2014, 56 minutes, fiction, b/w, DV


Ishi to Uta to Peta (Stone, Song and Peta)
2012, 60 minutes, fiction, col, DCP
2012 Rome Film Festival (Italy) – CinemaXXI Competition


Koroishi (Helpless Stones)
2010, 61 minutes, fiction, b/w, DV
2010 Image Forum Festival (Japan)
2011 Hors Pistes (Centre Pompidou /Paris)


Nikotoko Tou (Nikotoko Island)
2008, 47 minutes, fiction, b/w, DV
2009 Image Forum Festival (Japan) – Grand Prix
2009 Locarno International Film Festival – Filmmakers of the Present competition
2009 Gijon International Film Festival (Spain) – RELLUMES competition


Bokutachi wa Shindeshimatta (Balloon Forest)
2008, 55 minutes, fiction, b/w, DV
Project selected and produced with the financial support from
Cineastes Organization Osaka Exhibition : CO2 (Japan)


Tane (The Seed)
2007, 50 minutes, fiction, b/w, color, DV
2007 Image Forum Festival (Japan)


Boku no Kokorono Naka niwa Itsumo Ame ga Futteiru (Always Raining in My Mind)
2006, 34minutes, fiction, color, DV


2001, 54 minutes, fiction, b/w, color, DV