Ishi to Uta to Peta (Stone, Song and Peta)

2012, 60 minutes, fiction, col, DCP


Stone, Song and Peta meet and decide to start their journey. Realizing they would get lost if they had a specific destination, they decide to travel on a go-as-you-please basis. Thus, the three friends’ aimless caravan moves endlessly between the real and the imaginary world.


Act: Keisuke Matsuda, Takashi Miura, Takuya Dairiki
Music: Takuya Dairiki, Kouhei Matsunaga, Rashad Becker, Keisuke Matsuda
Sound: Takuya Dairiki
Title Design: Shin Hashimoto
Cooperation: Tamaki Okamoto (CaRTe bLaNChe)
Producer: Tamaki Okamoto (CaRTe bLaNChe), Dairiki&Miura
Director: Takuya Dairiki, Takashi Miura